Sunday, December 11, 2011

Welcome to Corbett's World

Dear Friends,
I am creating this blog to serve as a vibrant discussion platform and information hub for all the Jungle lovers and conservationists. Particularly, I hope, people who have loved Jim Corbett, his life and his literature would find this blog very passionate about the great hunter and humanist. I was in in the first year of my junior high when I got introduced to Corbett's world.
I still remember the day, in fact. I was getting home after a crazy day at school and I was enjoying a stop-over at my uncle's place to have a chat with my cousin, Pinku Bhai. I saw him a bit engrossed with a book that had a big picture of a tiger on its cover. As a child, and I believe that is true about all children around the world, I had great fascination about the tiger. I was almost about to rip the book off his hand, he decided to hand in the book to me to have a look. But he was careful enough to put a remark,"I think you are going to fall in love with the book." And he was abso-damn-lutely right. I sat at his place for the next four hours and read around two hundred pages of the ""Man-eaters of Kumaon" before my mom showed up to get me home. Twenty two years have passed since that day and I am still no less passionate about Corbett and his legacy.
And I am here to share and learn, have fun and have a great time talking about everything that is related to Corbett's world and his jungle lore and his tiger (which zoologists have named Panthera Tigris Corbettee). I invite every one with a very warm and open heart ...  please share your views and information about JimCorbett, Corbett National Park and anything related to him. I hope every one will make an effort to enrich this forum with their experience.
All the best to us...Corbett's fans.
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